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I’m Betsy Sinsapaugh of StoryWizdom. I use the power of stories to educate, entertain, and inspire listeners young and older.

This site offers a sample of the programs I have had the pleasure and honor of providing to thousands of children, young adults, professionals, families and adults throughout the Mid-Hudson region and beyond.

The stories and programs have been carefully crafted and tempered by more than 20 years of professional experience, personal growth, and life’s lessons. My goal now is to share the wisdom of the stories with you.

You can choose from an existing program or I can create a program tailored to your organization’s needs, so please feel free to contact me with your request.

Use the navigation at right to find topics or programs that speak to your need. Or, scroll down to read about my recent programs and events.

Tapping the Teller Within

Looking to tap into the power of storytelling?

Want to become more comfortable with sharing in front of groups?

Then this workshop is for you.

Over the course of two hours, Betsy will guide you through a series of experiential exercises and games designed to draw from your personal experience, life stories, style, voice, etc.

Explore, discover and hone your skills in a relaxed setting.

"Tapping the Teller Within" is great for staff development retreats, youth groups, anyone seeking a boost in self-confidence or improved public speaking skills... or, just for the fun of it!

“Tour” the Magical Desert

Witness the Beauty...

The Magical Desert “Tour” will inspire young minds and imaginations. Let Betsy take you on the Magical Desert “Tour” and share her knowledge, respect, and passion for this desert paradise.

Audiences of all ages will become acquainted with the unique plant and animal life within the beautiful Sonoran Desert! Betsy takes us there via incredible slides, exceptional environmental education, and exciting stories from the region.

Betsy loves the Sonoran Desert and has explored the Tucson area extensively. Each time she returns with desert treasures and exciting new stories.

* As an added bonus, Betsy will donate half of the proceeds from this program to Friends of Saguaro National Park, an organization dedicated to preserving this national treasure.

Program time can vary between 60-90 minutes depending on audience and setting.

...Experience the Wonder

Be Prepared to Laugh

Be prepared to laugh and laugh some more.

Betsy shares some of her most memorable, funny, BUT true stories. These are real life events she endured and has spun into tales that elicit golden laughter. These stories have been enjoyed again and again by groups throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.


  • Psycho-Kitty (The promise of comfort and companionship wrapped in a small ball of gray fur becomes almost 5 years of terror and torment for a young Betsy, her family and unsuspecting guests. This collection of outrageous and true "kitty horrors" will have you laughing to tears!)
  • The Furnace that Almost Gobbled Me Up (Ever wonder if you can run while suspended in time or "thin air"? This hilarious true story may answer your question and help you pay more attention to where you are walking.)
  • Sneaker Surprise (Did you check your shoes before you put them on this morning? You may start doing so after hearing this story.)
  • And more!

It is often said, "That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." I would agree and add, "And gives you some great stories to tell!"

In these difficult times full of challenges and stress, our ability to laugh may be "just the medicine" we need. Betsy's "Funny Favorites" gives audiences of all ages ages a big 'dose.'

The Laughter Continues with “Coyote Magic”

Betsy shares her favorite "Coyote" stories from North America.

This great trickster, Coyote, teaches children of all ages what it means to be a human being, with all our pitfalls and emotions.

Listeners will have a 'howling' good time as they enjoy the laughs and lessons these stories teach.

Together Time for Parents and Children

Spending Time Together

This program was designed for parents and their children in grades four through six.

Betsy provides the opportunity for participants to experience the power of storytelling while they learn how to make healthy choices regarding stress, anger management, and other important issues.

You will…

Leave life’s stressors at the door.

Enjoy a sense of strengthened community.

Hear stories that speak to the heart from around the world or from Betsy’s original collection.

Experience a unique blend of imagery, storytelling, creative expression, and the power of your own imagination.

Create artwork with your child.

Together Time is a great opportunity for parents and children to learn together while having fun together.

Program needs: Typical program consists of four (4), weekly parent/child sessions, each lasting 90 minutes and includes: story, lesson with group discussion, and parent/child activity. One parent/gaurdian per child, total group size limited to 20-24.

Characters with Character









This program is a welcome addition to your school's or organization's character education component.

Characters within stories provide powerful role models for character and integrity, courage and kindness, as well as justice and hope.

A well-told story gives us a captivating and entertaining way to look at human behavior without being too confrontational. We can laugh and learn from the mistakes, as well as victories portrayed within. We can also learn empathy and compassion for our fellows, which is extremely important in these challenging times.

This program is typically offered through large group assemblies, with small group breakout sessions. Assemblies range between 45 -55 minutes depending on setting and age of audience. Contact Betsy to learn how she weaves story with discussion and art to celebrate and support your character education goals.

Build Cornerstones for Prevention

A multi-dimensional, educational experience designed for students

Through Cornerstones, young people learn how to identify and develop the protective factors that contribute to healthy, drug-free lives.

uses storytelling as a method for young people to express
their feelings, concerns, hopes, and dreams.

uses stories that are culturally sensitive and informative.
It teaches young people respect for the ‘global family.’

uses humor and sensitivity to creatively address:

  • Anger Management
  • Character Education
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Decision Making
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Reduction
  • Substance Abuse

Program needs: Betsy typically works with one particular grade level. Program includes a weekly story assembly last 40-45 minutes, followed by small group breakout sessions within self-contained classrooms for an additional 45-60 minutes each week depending on school scheduling needs. Students process the information discussed through weekly writing assignments and other creative expression/artwork. Optimal program length is 8 sessions, however, 6 and 4 session programs are available.

How to Tell Your Story

Storytelling can help you strengthen your confidence, enhance your personal power, and promote healing. This workshop* will teach you to transform your personal experience into a story through twelve easy activities.

As a certified WHEEL trainer, Betsy is proud to offer this workshop for teens and adults. (WHEEL is Wholistic Health Education and Empowerment for Life.) [link?]

Participants will:

  • Understand the hero/heroine journey and recognize its stages
  • Increase self-awareness through artwork and imagery
  • Become more comfortable with storytelling
  • Understand archetypes and basic story structure
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with archetypes
  • Leave with a new personal story and a deeper appreciation for storytelling.

* This workshop requires a minimum of 7 hours to complete. It can be scheduled to suit your training needs. Individual workbooks are required.

Use the Power of Story for Prevention

This workshop series discusses and demonstrates the power of the spoken work for prevention work. If you are a prevention specialist, teacher, youth worker, or concerned about substance abuse prevention, this workshop will provide you both information and experiential exercises that you can duplicate in a classroom or group setting.

The first component focuses on:
  • Storytelling as an art form
  • The “inner workings” of story
  • Stories and the unconscious mind
  • Storytelling and resiliency
  • The role of the listener
  • Relationship between storyteller & listener
  • Telling your stories and finding your voice

The second component focuses on:
  • Program Design
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up activities
  • Sample stories
  • Story selection
  • Tips for effective telling
  • Pitfalls to avoid

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Who is Betsy Sinsapaugh?

Story Teller -- Story Teacher

Betsy has been telling stories for more than twenty years. She believes in the power of stories to inspire and educate.

As a trained social worker, Betsy has used storytelling in her substance abuse prevention practice with individuals and groups, kids and adults, parents and professionals.

As an entertainer, she captures your imagination, your heart, and your funny-bone.

As a teacher, she guides you through life's lessons and explores life's tough choices with you. She can help you learn to tell your own story -- to yourself and to others.

And, as a colleague, she can teach you to use the power of stories in your own practice.

Contact Betsy

You can contact me, Betsy, by email
or call me at: 845-399-7081

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