Together Time for Parents and Children

Spending Time Together

This program was designed for parents and their children in grades four through six.

Betsy provides the opportunity for participants to experience the power of storytelling while they learn how to make healthy choices regarding stress, anger management, and other important issues.

You will…

Leave life’s stressors at the door.

Enjoy a sense of strengthened community.

Hear stories that speak to the heart from around the world or from Betsy’s original collection.

Experience a unique blend of imagery, storytelling, creative expression, and the power of your own imagination.

Create artwork with your child.

Together Time is a great opportunity for parents and children to learn together while having fun together.

Program needs: Typical program consists of four (4), weekly parent/child sessions, each lasting 90 minutes and includes: story, lesson with group discussion, and parent/child activity. One parent/gaurdian per child, total group size limited to 20-24.

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