Be Prepared to Laugh

Be prepared to laugh and laugh some more.

Betsy shares some of her most memorable, funny, BUT true stories. These are real life events she endured and has spun into tales that elicit golden laughter. These stories have been enjoyed again and again by groups throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.


  • Psycho-Kitty (The promise of comfort and companionship wrapped in a small ball of gray fur becomes almost 5 years of terror and torment for a young Betsy, her family and unsuspecting guests. This collection of outrageous and true "kitty horrors" will have you laughing to tears!)
  • The Furnace that Almost Gobbled Me Up (Ever wonder if you can run while suspended in time or "thin air"? This hilarious true story may answer your question and help you pay more attention to where you are walking.)
  • Sneaker Surprise (Did you check your shoes before you put them on this morning? You may start doing so after hearing this story.)
  • And more!

It is often said, "That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." I would agree and add, "And gives you some great stories to tell!"

In these difficult times full of challenges and stress, our ability to laugh may be "just the medicine" we need. Betsy's "Funny Favorites" gives audiences of all ages ages a big 'dose.'

The Laughter Continues with “Coyote Magic”

Betsy shares her favorite "Coyote" stories from North America.

This great trickster, Coyote, teaches children of all ages what it means to be a human being, with all our pitfalls and emotions.

Listeners will have a 'howling' good time as they enjoy the laughs and lessons these stories teach.

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